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Stimulating conversations and novel experiences keep you entertained. Communications with partners are greatly improved now. Existing relationships benefit from honest conversations and heartfelt discussions. You will feel free this year to express your true feelings about what you want. Power Moon in Libra — Saturday, September 28, am Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want.

Scorpio Oct. This year you will spread your wings even if just a little bit. Take a class, join a book club or teach yourself a language! You might find yourself in a position of teaching or sharing more as well. As your social milieu begins to shift over the next few years, you will find yourself relocating to a new home. Think of this time as urban adventuring. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter is moving through your second house of earnings and possessions making it easier to fund your passion projects!

You are likely to feel more valued for your efforts and this leads to a greater sense of fulfillment. Power Moon in Scorpio — Sunday, October 27, pm Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. Sagittarius Nov. Job changes and exciting new opportunities are on the rise, Sagittarius. Saturn is making its way through your second house of earnings and resources and your pocketbook might be pinched a bit!

This restriction pushes you to get clear on your core values. Often our material possessions reflect what we value on a psychological level. This can be a handy way to take a review — look around and consider what comforts really make a difference to your wellbeing. As Jupiter continues its transit through Sagittarius, you can expect your popularity to increase!

Be sure to get some free time to play. Family, friends, coworkers, and even superiors are more available to assist you. This is an excellent time to champion an idea or get others on board with your vision. Lady Luck is on your side! As your personal values are further clarified, your confidence deepens and your personal relationships can benefit greatly. Single Sagittarius may well meet a worthy companion this year! Power Moon in Sagittarius — Tuesday, November 26, am Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want.

January 2, 3, 4, 29, 30 February 26, 27 March 25, 26 April 21, 22, 23 May 19, 20 June 15, 16, 17 July 12, 13, 14 August 9, 10 September 5, 6 October 2, 3, 4, 30, 31 November 26, 27 December 23, 24, Capricorn Dec. Saturn has been in your sign since the end of and will remain there through This can be a time when important life choices are made. You might be pushed to make hard decisions, but in your heart of hearts, you will know the right step to take.

Its imperative that you listen to your inner code and do right by those who stand with you. On a softer note, as Jupiter moves through your twelfth house you can easily let go of limiting situations that have held you back. Restorative activities are a must as you improve your wellbeing.

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Be sure to carve out the time you need to get extra rest, go inward or meditate. You want to be clear-headed when you reach the finish line. Power Moon in Capricorn — Saturday, January 5, pm Pacific Power Moon in Capricorn — Wednesday, December 25, pm Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want.

Aquarius Jan. This cycle of renewal has been in effect since and continues into Think of it as an inner housecleaning, sweeping away the rubble of an old self as you reclaim the beauty of your true self. As one of the most social signs, be sure to balance yourself with good people who allow you the space to speculate.

You have the opportunity to clear away the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving what you want. Friendships that encourage you to manifest your potentials are not only supportive, but they help elevate your mindset. New connections are possible!

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You can benefit from team experiences and group endeavours. Power Moon in Aquarius — Monday, February 4, pm Pacific On this day the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. Pisces Feb. As you navigate your way through the coming year, think about the web of social ties that surround you. Saturn continues to activate your eleventh house of friendship, longterm goals and tribal ties, Pisces. Take stock of the positive connections in your life and be sure to make space for the good ones to grow.

This is a hot time to market yourself and promote your product or service. Others are more than happy to jump on board with your vision and champion your ideas. During the first part of , fiery Mars will be activating your house of money and possessions. Revising financial strategies can help you maintain a surefooted approach to your material goals. Explore money making ideas and innovative enterprises that get your creative nature changed up!

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Power Moon in Pisces — Wednesday, March 6, am Pacific On this day, the Sun and Moon are aligned in your sign making it a highly potent time to ask the universe for what you want. January 10, 11 February 6, 7 March 5, 6, 7 April 1, 2, 3, 29, 30 May 26, 27, 28 June 22, 23, 24 July 20, 21 August 16, 17, 18 September 12, 13, 14 October 10, 11 November 6, 7 December 3, 4, 5, 30, Gemini May June 20 A greater sense of freedom is gained as you step into your own sovereignty this year, Gemini.

Get my mailing list here! They could offer support, friendship or even more as they join you in the spotlight now. Get yourself noticed this November. In a nutshell: Get ready to get fabulous! New ideas, new experiences or even a new love interest get you set to shine! Open lines of communication at the start of the month. Apply for that job or make that approach or pitch. You can bring a touch of enchantment to what you say now.

No matter who you are talking to, you intuitively know the right thing to say. When it comes to your ideas, you can infuse these with inspiration. Above all, follow up what you say with action. Under this new Moon the words you use can act like magic spells enabling you to sell yourself, your ideas and thoughts, more effectively. Need more living space or just more living? Know what the ultimate basis for freedom is? If you were 18 or over then think back to how your home, lifestyle, living arrangements or even career matters, expanded or how you benefitted from any of these in some way.

Jupiter asks you where in the world you call home? If you now live far from your homeland, this Jupiter cycle can see you travelling back there for a visit. Relocations of all kinds are favoured and this Jupiter cycle could see many of you up-sticks and move to another town, part of the country or even another country entirely. Living bigger, living better and living large applies to you now even if you are just renting. Create your foundation and then use this as your launching pad to the stars. Home is where the adventures begin and end.

Security and long term thinking should fuel your decision making process now. Jupiter in your 4th can bring you benefits from family members — especially women and also career progress as this plays a key role in laying those foundations. Be businesslike when it comes to career matters and ensure sentiment stays at home. This applies not just to getting hired or that promotion, but also like I said, to that loan or mortgage.

Just ensure you do not over-extend yourself. Planning for the future means creating a stress-free lifestyle when it comes to finances. Jupiter should put you in a position during its time in here where you can take on more if you need to. Act in the moment but keep one eye on the future when it comes to your obligations. Try to bring any work matters or projects to a conclusion by mid-month if you can. The 16th sees Venus the planet which rules your love life and your bank account, heads direct once more in its ruling 2nd. Barriers to income and romance are lifted and you now have the green light when it comes to taking on those new financial responsibilities.

But the very next day we see your ruler Mercury turn retrograde in your 4th. Refinancing and re-mortgaging are allowed under a Mercury retro in here. But try to delay signing contracts or new agreements until after Dec 6 when Mercury is direct again, or longer if you possibly can, to ensure it is out of the shadow period. Unpredictable Uranus is also paying one final visit to your 8th house before leaving it for good in early This revisit is asking you to look at that value system one more time. This of course has a direct impact on your overall security and your priorities for the coming cycle.

Get clear about what is most important and then build on that. Use this time to get very clear about the kind of lifestyle you want to be leading in and beyond. Your higher self knows intuitively what it is you need. Yes, Jupiter in here can bring the career rewards that fund that ideal home or lifestyle but ensure that it is not at the expense of other areas.

Certainly with the full Moon in here you now have a need to be acknowledged or recognised for that you and you alone bring to the table. Which is it? The good thing is that if it does turn out to be the latter, your retrograde ruler plus aspects this Moon makes to Jupiter, Venus and Uranus in your chart will allow you to come up with a different approach when it comes to your long term goals. As the month draws to a close we see a fabulous meeting between your ruler, Jupiter and the Sun take place in your 4th. Look closely at your accomplishments and the validation that could be heading your way now.

These are the foundation stones you now have to build on. Security and home matters are your keys to living a more meaningful life now. The welcome mat is out, Virgo. November is when you start to really live. Get a sense of place, a larger space and a way to live large, Virgo. Security offers you freedom now. Put down roots. Matters of the heart and finance may still be on hold but indulge yourself in a much needed time of refinement. And to decide on just what you want that love future to look like. The past seven years may have been a rollercoaster of rejection and dashed dreams thanks to Uranus in your 7th.

For others, one particular connection may have totally changed how you see yourself in relationships forever. Or you may have experienced a bit of both. On the 6th Uranus re-enters your 7th for the final time in your lifetime unless of course you live to be extremely old! See this as a final redefining moment where you get to reconcile the needs of your heart with how you now relate to others.

Your partnership needs have probably undergone a radical shift or you have become more aware of the kind of relationship you actually need. But you should now have a better idea than ever before of what or rather who, enhances you. Please continue to hang fire on taking on new financial commitments or big purchases for the time being — at least until after the 16th.

However, after that this Moon points to new beginnings. Remember the energy of a new Moon lasts all month. This Moon can usher in a new love interest, a beneficial new friendship or a new avenue of income. Visualise, focus and meditate on what it is you want to manifest from this energy and then wait for the results now.

The biggest move of the month is made by Jupiter which arrives in your 3rd on the 8th. Work and business activities are set to expand and this is also an excellent transit for travelling or to enroll in further education. Above all, Jupiter in here wants you to do something with your ideas. Writing, publishing, teaching, communicating, presenting and sharing what you have to say far and wide. Look at all the ways you can get your message out there. Jupiter in here brings you 13 months of increased interaction where you can communicate and connect with more people than you have done previously.

Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun. So, if you were 18 or over 12 years ago think back to the opportunities which presented themselves back then and expect similar themes to emerge this time. In fact, some of you may find this cycle brings full circle something from even further back — perhaps a full 18 years or so if you are old enough! Your full Lucky Jupiter Horoscope for this cycle can be found here on the site. Jupiter also rules travel and your 3rd house is ruled by Mercury. This is the house of your commute, your daily means of transportation and short trips in terms of distance or duration.

This does not mean that long distance travel is off the menu now. On the contrary, I have known people travel far and wide with Jupiter in their 3rd, especially for business. Be aware however that the day after Venus heads direct one more, Mercury turns retrograde in this, its ruling house. When Mercury retrogrades in a ruling house, its capacity for creating mayhem increases exponentially. So, adhere to the Retrograde Rules as if they were carved in stone and check the stones for typos while you are at it!

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Allow extra time to get to your destination. If traveling overseas, have Plan B thru to F handy. Repeat yourself if necessary to ensure you are understood. Avoid signing contracts or important papers unless it really cannot be helped. And do not buy a new phone, tablet, computer, home appliance or even a car unless your present one is beyond repair.

Above all, back up essential files and guard those ideas under this influence as you may find people may have a tendency to steal them. Your ideas are your superpower now so avoid Kryptonite. The Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter in your 3rd from the 22nd. From now until Dec 6 when Mercury heads direct again, see this as a time or revision or refinement of anything from that CV to a project. Siblings, your neighbours, school friends and your locality will be in focus and the Merc retro could well see people from your childhood or old neighbourhood resurface.

Jupiter in your 3rd favours big picture thinking and one problem with Mercury retro in here is that you can neglect the details so please, proof read and double check everything you send out from that email to that resume as mistakes can easily slip past you and be costly to rectify. Yes, you do need to have a destination in mind but you also need to remember that often the journey is the goal in itself. This Moon opposes Jupiter from its own house as well as Venus in your 1st and Uranus in your 7th.

What have you learned about a certain direction or what you want to achieve? The discovery should have been around how capable you are if you need to go it alone. Have the confidence under this full Moon to strike out. As the month ends you should be ready to launch this once Mercury heads direct in December. Take that big idea and see just how far you end up travelling with it. In a nutshell: Take that big idea that allows you to showcase your superpower — and set sail with it!

Expect opportunities around business, money and work. Get ready to launch, Libra. Your personal new Moon in your 1st on the 6th hands you the magic of enchantment, Scorpio. The new Moon is your signal to begin something now and this is linked to the opportunities the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in your 1st should have shown you. No matter what date your birthday falls on, this new Moon marks your phoenix rising point. This new Moon asks you to rise up and leave behind the ashes of the past year and fly into the future.

Hopefully you have been using the Venus retrograde period which ends on the 16th , to reflect upon what it is you want to create in your life. Your personal desires and dreams are in focus as this Moon also angles to Neptune in your house of romance and creativity. I should not need to remind you to wait a little while longer until Venus is direct again to start a new love affair, but with regards to those plans, look at what truly inspires you and that is the direction your future needs to move in! For the past 13 months you have benefitted from Jupiter in your 1st.

Opportunities and openness should have characterised this visit from the planet or expansion and abundance. Your confidence in yourself and your abilities should have soared in true phoenix rising fashion. What did you dare to do that you would not have attempted before this cycle? What opportunities were offered and which did you accept and what did you decline?

Expect your bank account to increase with Jupiter in here. Extra money is likely to be spent on travel — even luxury travel, art and beauty. A pay rise, better paying job, loan agreement, side hustle or payout are all ways you may draw extra cash to you. Your 2nd is a Venus ruled house and it is the house of experiencing worldly pleasures via the good things of life so again, keep track of that urge to splurge.

This is also your house where your value system resides. This is your house of assets — not just money but possessions, your home, stocks and shares, talents and skills. Who support, love or assist us in some or many ways. Jupiter can manifest in person during the upcoming year in the form of a generous employer, friend, or even as this is a Venus ruled house, romantic partner. Your full Lucky Jupiter Horoscope can be found under the forecasts for your sign here on the site.

Abundance comes in many forms including time to do the things we value, a support network, reaching a goal and experiences. Explore all of these and feel the richer for it! Money and your career path are of course intrinsically linked. This makes it the perfect opportunity to schedule any interviews, career talks and discussions for around now if you possibly can. You can now tap into a deeper sense of empowerment thanks to the arrival of Ceres in your sign from the 11th. How powerful do you feel? Ceres is asking you to fully accept and believe in yourself.

To look at where you may have given your power away and now take steps to rectify this. Push forward with a renewed sense of purpose and faith in your ability to direct your own path. Not just to make the most of the potential Jupiter wants to deliver, but to prepare for a few weeks of Mercury Mayhem. The planet of commerce and communication turns retrograde in your 2nd from the 17th until December 6.

The usual retro rules apply but when it comes to your money, you do need to steer clear of unnecessary expenditure now and hang on to your cash. Mercury retro in here can deliver an unexpected expense — possibly due to something Mercury-ruled breaking down or needing completely replacing. Car trouble, computer repairs or replacing a large appliance or phone are just a few examples. Do not buy any electronic equipment or a car under this influence unless you absolutely have to. Mercury retro in here wants you to look at where what you have goes and come up with a new spending plan for the future.

It also wants you to get inventive and look at new and different ways you can make extra money. Mercury can provide the ideas — Jupiter can offer you the confidence to take a chance on them. Above all — value what you have and appreciate it. This is your starting point to having and experiencing more. It will oppose Jupiter in your 2nd and also ensnare ancient ruler Mars in your 5th, Venus in your 12th and Uranus in you 6th. Make whatever changes you need to now. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all set to meet in your 2nd on the 26th and 27th. The final week of November could see you receiving news or validation around those money matters and business ventures you set in motion last month and at the start of this one.

In a nutshell: Cash in on a new cycle of abundance and prosperity. Prosperity is your destination. Do you want to see how lucky, lucky can be? Lucky by Melissa Etheridge could just be your theme song for the next year. How did your world and your understanding of you, expand? Hopefully it was not you personally doing the expanding! Size jokes aside, Jupiter in your 1st is intent on bringing you something good and which expands your horizons and understanding of your world. Luck could be on its way in love, business, travel opportunities and any kind of speculative venture.

That is not to say you can take unnecessary risks but Jupiter in here asks you to take a chance. However, by the time the Sun joins Jupiter in your 1st later this month you may already be in receipt of at least one birthday bonus from your ruler.

You can find out more about what you ruler has in store for you in in your full lucky Jupiter forecast under Sagittarius on here. This all comes back to your belief in yourself as the master manifestor of your own fortune. You of all signs should know your ruler is not a combination of Santa Claus and your fairy godmother. You have to set the forces of Jupiter good fortune in motion by going after what you want. It is then Jupiter steps in with those amazing strokes of good luck. You can harness insight and imagination in a new way now especially when it comes to home and living arrangements.

What is it you need to make yourself secure for the future? Are they in fact a prison that prevents you from moving forward into something better? Lucid dreams, flashes of insight and synchronicities guide you now towards the direction you need to go in. When you see this, focus your energy accordingly. If you act on the information your higher self is giving you, you will start to see those Jupiter benefits appear sooner rather than later! Remember when it comes to your love life that Venus which rules this and your bank account will remain retrograde in your 11th until the 16th.

Running into old friends or lovers or rekindling a lost connection is possible but please wait to embark on a new romance until after Venus moves forward. No sooner has it done so than the following day, Mercury heads backwards. Time to get to do those things you love — all over again, once the Sun arrives in here.

But do ensure that you are being understood. All the usual Retro Rules apply especially when travelling. Aside from those opportunities to return to things you love to do which I mentioned earlier, it truly is time to look forward and not back, Sag. Jupiter and the Sun means you are simply bathed in potential right now — again, in a way you have not been in a very long time.

This is your supersized cycle when it comes to setting those dreams in motion. You have the energy available to you now. You need to take this as far as you can. Want to see how lucky, lucky can be? In the words of the song — ride with your angel and live shockingly and drive to the edge and into the sea. Your own potential may be your biggest discovery now. Check out your full Lucky Jupiter forecast on here for more insight into what your ruler may be sending your way!

Time to be out and about if you are single. Settled Sagittarians should see this as an opportunity for date night or to open up and let their partner into their inner world. You can take your connection to a deeper level now. Business is all about collaboration. This is a sharing Moon where you need to share everything from your feelings to the spotlight. Also to acknowledge you need people — to love, to collaborate with and to share those good times.

Again, this is the first time this has happened in 12 years. Mercury may well be retrograde but in this case, the Sun and your ruler hold sway. News could come running out of your past to catch you up in the present. And set you on a new course for the future. Get lucky all the way through to Ruler Jupiter returns to your sign this month. Discover just how lucky you can be now.

Whether you realise it or not, this November marks a period where you are putting in the groundwork and perhaps beavering away in the background unacknowledged — all in preparation for something amazing. You are about to be handed lasting gifts. These may be of an intangible quality but they may be the most valuable kind as they have the capacity to last a lifetime. Remember as this cycle begins — you can have money, jobs, possessions and even relationships taken from you, but never experiences.

Not that this is meant to imply anything negative. Because this cycle wants to hand you something to treasure. You are now on a journey to the deep, resonant side of life. And what you discover there is likely to be game-changing. The new Moon of the 7th is inviting you to make those connections with like-minded souls. Especially as it makes a conversation-starting angle to Neptune in your 3rd.

Your mind wants to stimulate and explore now. Above all, make the effort to reach out and connect. This is a really important new Moon for you as this is your house of reception. It asks how emotionally open you are to receiving? This includes invitations and approaches from others. Bear in mind this is your house of friendship — not romance.

And also that the ruler of your love life Venus, remains retrograde until the 16th. Look to those long term friendships and see if you have been neglecting anyone lately. If so, this new Moon offers the opportunity to pick up where you left off. Or do you feel friends are thin on the ground?

The most insidious, silent epidemic of our times is loneliness. It cuts across all age groups, social sectors and incomes and the thing about it is, it can sneak up on any of us unawares. It can be difficult if not impossible to admit you have it. So, if you feel isolated, use this new Moon to not just reconnect to people, but to life again. Try a Meetup group, Toastmasters or an activity group. This is your house of daring to try something different. Go on, I dare you! This is also your house of goals and during this time, you should have seen yourself attain at least one of them or have made significant inroads towards it.

You may even have benefitted during this time from a friend or other important connection. Take this with you as Jupiter moves on into your 12th from the 8th. Dreams, intuition, abstract concepts and universal truths are your tools for the coming year. Hidden talents surface now. Expect your psychic abilities to increase. Jupiter rules higher learning so when it is transitting your 12th this is an excellent time to sign up for that psychic development, Tarot or astrology course. If you work in the creative or healing fields or if your job involves making intuitive leaps of the imagination — in other words anything from investigative work to theoretical physics, this will be a highly productive period where you can produce some of your best work.

Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was the ruler of your 12th house. Jupiter always wants to expand, but please bear in mind that this is not a material house in your chart. Any financial gains while Jupiter is in here are likely to arise from some kind of loss. This is your house of the past — travelling back to places you have lived or visited in the past — or even a past life, is possible now. As could be the return of people from your past or again, a past life. Look out for someone who feels familiar but you only just met and who just seems to want to help you in some way.

If so, know you did the same for them before. Working behind the scenes or on something you are not quite ready to reveal is common with Jupiter in here. You may feel at times unacknowledged or relegated to the backroom. Understand it will be worth it. This is your house of secrets and Jupiter is not known for its discretion. If someone is keeping something from you, the revelations could have big implications.

Jupiter in your 12th is best described as a treasure hunt. The themes of secrets and the past are going to be feature as things you thought over and done with or ended, reappear as Mercury heads retrograde in your 12th from the 17th. Once the Sun moves in here from the 22nd, expect a month where your sensitivity increases.

Please extend this gift to yourself as often we are the ones most in need of empathy but the person we are also most likely to ignore. Your sensitivity extends to your physical body and please be aware that you will react to what you put in your body differently to how you usually do. You may be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol or other substances. Sudden allergies to foods you normally have no problem with can also occur so please monitor your reactions carefully. See yourself as permeable now and when it comes to people and atmospheres — you need positive ones.

Expect insights and possibly revelations as this full Moon opposes Jupiter. You may have been unaware of the impact a person or situation was having on you. But this full Moon may leave you wondering why you did not realise it up until now. The angles this Moon makes to Mars in your 3rd means you have the ability to change the situation or your reaction to it. Either will give you the outcome you seek. Have the confidence to say or do whatever is necessary now and act in your own best interests.

The past could reappear or come alive again in some way as we edge towards December. The 26th and 27th sees the Sun, retro Mercury and Jupiter all meeting in your 12th. This may not come as a complete surprise. Chances are your intuition or even a dream may give you a heads-up as to what is coming. Or find yourself reflecting on something which had so much potential but then failed to live up to its promise — only for it to return again.

Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Or if you have felt stuck and unsure what to do, suddenly indecision vanishes and you have the confidence to move forward again. If the past does return now, it will do so with fresh relevance. Or you unearth the knowledge, skills or a new way of looking at your life that frees you to move forward. Get ready to unravel some mysteries. And to set off on a path towards buried treasure, Capricorn! What you say, how you say it, the means you use to get your message out there will be more important than ever now. Be aware that your 3rd house rules communication and publishing while Uranus and your 11th rule the internet.

Once you put something out there, it is out there for good. The usual Retrograde Rules apply no matter what house in our charts Mercury heads backwards in. But with this particular cycle, please be more mindful than at any other time of the message you put out there. There is the unexpected element in play combined with the capacity to be misunderstood. Probably faster than you can type covfefe. Career and business issues are in focus. The new Moon opposes Neptune in your money zone.

Please remember that the ruler of your 2nd — Venus, is retrograde until the 16th. When it comes to money — you need to get everything in writing and also read the fine print.

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You need to make sure that customer is going to deliver on that promise and that salary package or even the job itself, is everything you are being led to believe it is. Hang fast if unsure. This new Moon brings you the ability to make big decisions especially when it comes to your future.

Emotionally you will know if you are doing what you are meant to be doing. If you are, commit to it and prepare for validation. Uranus in your 3rd should have given you the courage to say it your way plus the ability to come up with exciting, alternative and original ideas. Between now and March when it exits this house for good, expect your image of yourself to undergo one final radical shift and your ideas to follow suit. Are you your thoughts and opinions?

Asking just who you are and altering your thinking around this completes your personal revolution which Uranus triggered when it first entered this house of your chart seven years ago. You may also find yourself having doubts about the future and your ability to reach your goals. If this happens, understand this is purely temporary. Because goals are set to come within reach now that Jupiter arrives in your 11th from the 8th. You can find your full lucky Jupiter horoscope under your sign heading here on the site.

When it comes to those goals, Jupiter brings the confidence to reach for them which is why any self-doubts around this are temporary. When Jupiter is in the 11th I always tell people to make three wishes and to expect at least one to manifest in the coming year. Exciting new people are set to cross your path, opening doors to friendship, connections and opportunities. One of these in particular could prove to be extremely beneficial to you.

Jupiter in your 11th is about who you know rather than what you know. Jupiter is the planet associated with luck. It acts as a personal version of LinkedIn. Accept all invitations now and when you meet people, tell them about the goals that fire up your imagination. As could making friends from different cultural backgrounds to your own. When it comes to those dreams — supersize them in the coming year.

Jupiter in your 11th says if you dream is not coming true — you need a bigger one. Being the 11th sign of the zodiac you should resonate with the energy. Jupiter allows you to be boldly, bravely and more confidently the real you. The key to making the most of this cycle is to be open and curious. While Mercury retrograde in your 11th can sometimes bring in those goal-getting doubts, it can also reconnect you to a dream you discarded.

Check out those old goals for fresh relevance! And update that CV now if you have decided a career change is in order. What may seem to be something unexpected or even unwanted, is in fact the very thing we need! So, suspend your judgement and remain flexible. Please remember, this is your house of reception and to receive we also need to give too. If all you have to give is your time — give this freely. Give to friends by listening to them or just being there.

Give to groups by offering your support. If you can afford to be generous in other ways, do so. Follow this simple rule and you may be amazed at what returns to you. It opposes Jupiter from your 5th making it one under which you can attract and receive. Your emotions and desire for romance and pleasure are all heightened under this full Moon. It also makes connections between Venus and ruler Uranus asking you not to be too attached to plans and to be ready to adapt and accept should something better present itself.

You could revive a connection or be represented with an opportunity under this influence. Go with the flow now.