Number one hit on my 3 birthday

From "Weird Al" Yankovic's immortal "Eat It" to Fall Out Boy's considerably less-immortal cover, there's a cartoonish aspect to "Beat It" that makes it prime for parody — or fools lesser artists into thinking they can appropriately do the track justice.

Trap Beckham - Birthday Bitch (Audio)

Yet "Beat It" is a top-tier Jackson single because of how absurd, purposefully or otherwise, anyone else singing it sounds. This ranking was, really, a race for No.

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Not a single one of Quincy Jones' production flourishes is out of place, spanning rock and funk and disco and all anchored by a tortured performance by a year-old Jackson that would remain his all-time career best. Ranking Michael Jackson's No.

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Michael Jackson in Choose any song for framing. Birthday Number One song. Our Top Ten framed First Dance songs.

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Framed sheet music. Framed sheet music with vinyl single. Framed sheet music with vinyl album. Framed sheet music and your wedding photo. See list of Number One songs for any year. Framed Birthday Number One Records from Find out what was top of the UK charts in in the list below.