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Another way that signs are used by Vedic astrologers is to assess the stability of planets. When a planet is in its sign of exaltation or debilitation, that planet becomes unstable, exaggerated in influence, and therefore the themes of the houses it occupies, rules, and aspects as well as those of the planets it aspects become destabilized. Other causes of instability are planetary wars — where planets are within a degree of each other, retrogradation, combustion, and the New and Full Moon. A good example is the chart of Adolph Hitler.

In his seventh house, he had the exalted Sun in Aries — as well as a planetary war between Venus and Mars — and his primary relationships, the people he was closest to, and he himself, were very unstable, and he and his generals were exaggerated in self-importance. Perhaps the most important use of the signs in Jyotish is their role in house rulership. As aforementioned, the rulership systems in both ancient Western and in Vedic astrology are identical. The employment of house rulers in delineation, however, is more developed in Vedic astrology than anywhere else.

In Jyotish, combinations of two or more astrological factors called yogas create conditions that either raise or lower a person's life beyond the ordinary. A yoga can be as simple as a planet strong by its sign placement and in one or more specific houses.

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Or it can be as complex as a series of several different criteria that must all be met. Thousands upon thousands of yogas are defined in classical Vedic texts, and the majority of these yogas use sign rulerships in their specifications. Please remember that in Vedic astrology, as in ancient Western astrology, each house was equivalent to one sign, so the terms sign and house became quite interchangeable.

For example, if the Ascendant occupies any degree of Taurus, the entire First House becomes the sign of Taurus. The intricacy and importance of the network of house rulerships in Jyotish cannot be underestimated. To have the ruler of a supportive house all houses except 3, 6, 8, and 12 in a challenging house especially 6, 8, or 12 , indicates challenges for the themes of the positive house.

For example, Marilyn Monroe had her Fifth Lord in the Eighth House, and she had many pregnancies, all of which were terminated by abortion. Similarly, to have two supportive house rulers together in the same house portends particularly well for not only the themes of both houses ruled, but also even more so for the house occupied. In other words, the ruler of a house carries its themes into the house it occupies and aspects. In Harrison Ford's chart, his 1 St , 4 th , 7 th , 10 th , and 11 th lords are all in the 10 th , as indicators of great 10 th house success, but because the 12 th lord is also there, he had many obstacles on the road to fame and fortune.

Fortunately for him, the strongest planet was the 1 st and 10 th lord, the aforementioned Mercury. While this discussion of house rulerships may seem daunting, it actually becomes quite easy to apply. If the ruler of a challenging house is strong and in a house other than one it owns then the themes of house occupied by it become significantly obstructed. For example, if the 6 th house lord indicating adversaries and illness is strong, then one's opponents or illnesses are likely to be significant.

One can even compare the strength of two house lords. If the 7 th house lord is stronger than the 1 st house lord, the person is likely to marry "above themselves". In Princess Diana's chart, her 7 th house lord Venus in Taurus was significantly stronger than her 1 st house lord Mars in Leo. Exploring the chart of a famous person may further clarify the Vedic way of using the signs in a chart. The chart of Marilyn Monroe, previously mentioned, illustrates several principles.

Let's start with Saturn in Libra, because it is the strongest planet in her chart. It is the lord of houses 7 and 8, and it is located in the 4 th house. As Lord of the 7 th , we see that it represents her partners, who indeed were exalted in the eyes of the World including Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, J. K, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and many others. That same strong planet, Saturn, in the house of home and mother the 4 th house expressed itself as the 8 th lord when her mentally ill mother tried to smother her, and her mother was later taken away to a mental institution.

It is not generally desirable to have a strong 8 th lord, as its strength magnifies 8 th house themes, which can include incest, rape, sexual scandals, emotional challenges, and addictions — all of which played a major part in her life. This powerful Saturn also aspects the First House Vedic astrology emphasizes the backwards square or 10 th aspect of Saturn , and Marilyn experienced a profound sense of isolation wherever she went.

Her Sun, on the other hand, is in a weakened position, in the sign of its enemy Venus, and as the 2 nd lord, Marilyn lived in rinky dink apartments, had a "party line" shared telephone, and had huge money battles with the studios, even though she was famous and a great money-maker for them. Marilyn Monroe has a powerful " passion combination " in her chart. Venus as lord of the 4 th is opposite Saturn as lord of the 7 th , and Saturn is both very strong exalted and retrograde and both sources of its strength also indicate instability.

This combination explains both her widespread sexual activities and the impermanence of her primary relationships.

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Saturn's destabilizing influence upon both her 4 th house and her 4 th lord Venus also accounts for her having lived in over 45 different residences in her life. Even though neither Jupiter nor Mars have much strength both are in neutral signs , and they are placed together in the 8 th house, their rulership of the 9 th and 10 th houses respectively creates one of the most profound yogas for success, which certainly manifested in her life. Note that her fame came from being a sex symbol, i. More on her yogas here.

The planets that are the source of the natal chart are also connected to the angles of these two featured cities. They are also connected to the planet we know has to be featured in a chart for an event involving fire and violence — Mars. However, this is not a new aspect.

From early in the decade, they moved through octiles to the Washington MC and trioctiles to Neptune which were in 18 degrees of fixed signs, then they were quincunx to N Sun, octile the New York N MC, and finally formed oppositions to the N Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. This period through the s is described in Bodansky's book Bin Laden: the man who declared war on America.

When bin Laden returned in early from helping drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan, he was a hero in his home country. However, his criticism of the Saudi rulers led to threats against him and his family and he moved to Sudan in The country had been taken over in a coup by a Moslem general in June Throughout the decade, bin Laden was organizing and training terrorists from several Moslem countries, including his native Arabia, other Gulf states, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan.

He worked closely with officers in the intelligence services of Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq, but also cooperated with officials in many countries including Syria and Lebanon. After his successful fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan during the s, he played a major role in many terrorist bombings and other violence.

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While still based in Sudan, he organized bombs in South Yemen on December 29, and violence in Somalia throughout , culminating in fights that brought down US helicopters and killed US service members on September 26 and October 3, After this, the US decided to withdraw from Somalia, and most of our forces were out of the country by March 1, This triumph for the Islamists, Bodansky's name for the Islamic revolutionaries, was added to our withdrawal from Lebanon after bombs killed 63 individuals in the US Embassy on April 18, , and US military forces in Beirut on October 23, Bin Laden was convinced that the US was a paper tiger.

He believed that continuing terrorist attacks on US targets could force us to withdraw from Saudi Arabia where our presence defiled the holy sites of Islam. This article could turn into a book if I discussed the progressed Jupiter-Saturn chart for even a few of the terrorist attacks that involved bin Laden, including the angles for the localities of the attacks.

In each case, the local angles had relevant aspects to the planets in this amazing mutation chart. US service personnel were killed on June 25, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia when their residence building was bombed. US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed on August 7, , though most of the dead and injured were innocent local citizens rather than US citizens.

An early attempt to bomb the World Trade Center on February 26, produced limited damage and loss of life. Looking back still farther, was a turning point for the Islamists. On February 1, , Khomeini entered Iran in triumph. The Shah was driven out and an Islamic Republic was established. According to Bodansky, from its beginning, Iran supported terrorism in many countries.

A group of Arab revolutionaries captured the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on November 20, , though they were defeated after about a two-week siege. Then, at the end of December , the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, where for ten years it held the cities and fought Mujahedeen guerrilla raids from the mountains. Up to now, we have ignored the extra asteroids, but as usual they are phenomenal.

The asteroid America had turned retrograde, and was progressing in Capricorn in recent decades. It reached a conjunction with the natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction just before the Iranian revolution. The exiled Shah was considered a US puppet. Another asteroid that has proved to be highly meaningful was discovered and named fairly recently. Rubicon was a river north of Rome. If Caesar crossed it with his army, heading south to Rome, it meant he was going to war against Pompey, who shared the rulership of Rome at the time. Rubicon symbolizes a point of no return.

P Rubicon had entered early Cancer and was quincunx Juno for the Iranian revolution.

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P Sun caught up to it and was conjunct it for the Dhahran bomb in and the Embassy bombs in Kenya and Tanzania in while it opposed the N Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. By September 11, , P Mars had caught up to P Rubicon, and they will remain conjunct for years since Mars is just a little faster than the main belt asteroids which orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Astrologer Richard Swatton reminded me that, according to traditional bounds and dignities by term, the malefics rule the final degrees of all the signs. There may also be a desire to understand what has already happened that cannot be undone — a lifelong mission to resolve and come to terms with these issues which we seem to have been saddled with at birth.

In Forecasting: When a planet reaches the final degree by Solar Arc direction where it stays for a year , we are poised for change but must attend to pertinent, sometimes crisis situations relevant to that sign and resolve these before we move on to a new scenario. Whitney — 18, beautiful, and charismatic but already doing drugs — had started her modeling career and had just become one of the first African-American models to grace the cover of a national magazine Seventeen. Positively, that which has been mastered — skills that have been acquired — can be put to good use in these twelve months.

This is where the last degree can truly come into its own.

It can be a year of distinction and wrapping up a long period of endeavour. In , intrepid British politician Mo Mowlam worked to restore an IRA ceasefire in Northern Ireland and persuaded various sides to participate in the peace process — all during a time when she was fighting a brain tumour. She retired from Parliament two years later. During those twelve months, I met three people who would be influential in my life, all of whom had the Moon or Ascendant at this degree.

Through these people, I learned much about the chronic indecision and second-guessing inherent in the final degree of Libra, as well as the importance attributed to making the right decision. The horoscope of tennis legend Billie Jean King has the Sun at the final degree of Scorpio, plus the Moon at the first degree of Libra.

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See Chart 1 How have both manifested in her life? Yet, King is someone who hates confrontation and, with her Moon-Neptune conjunction, was never quite comfortable with the feminist ideology of the time, which she felt could be intolerant and doctrinaire. I believe that it is persuasion you need, not force. And which facets of Scorpio has she instinctively known how to harness? What in her Scorpio nature is exaggerated? Scorpio is a politically savvy sign that experiences and is adept at han- dling crises and extremes.

At the final degree, in Scorpio, the following may be greatly in evidence: lifelong compul- sions; a steely will, tunnel vision, and total intensity one-on-one; an unflinching focus on the final, ultimate goal be that victory or an obsession with death and endings ; an ability to execute under pressure; an all-or-nothing, winner-take-all philosophy; authenticity and integrity; emotional inscrutability; and an innate understanding of the relationship between power, money, and gender.

King is known to demand total attention from others and to pour all of herself into whatever she does Scorpio.

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When news of her abortion and homosexual affair was made public, many of her endorsements evaporated, but she kept on fighting Scorpio. The final degree of Scorpio knows how to play the game — to suss out the competition and devise a strat- egy.