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Planets are constantly influencing our actions and our reactions. Their changing frequencies can bring good and bad results in our life. September Monthly Horoscopes. Secret Serendipity has prepared Daily Astrology for the entire year. Each month, we feature daily astrology for each day. This daily astrology includes information for people born on each day. Daily horoscopes could be the tool we need to assist us when we are upset or confused about what is happening around us. It can guide us to a better insight of day-to-day struggles and help us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings.

It is very important that we should try to understand ourselves and each other. Every day begins a new learning adventure, if we accept it as such. Daily horoscopes can help us understand our personality and give tips on how we can cope with the challenges of everyday life. We could be put in a better position to make decisions and this could allow us to steer the course to the successful, happy life that we deserve.

Chinese Astrology deals with the celestial science of the five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Yin and Yang, Chi, and the cycles of time, and instead of using the sun, like traditional Western astrology, uses calculations based on the moon. Oh, and brundlefly, you nearly made me spray my monitor with tea! I'll add MeFi to the "list of places online I don't drink and read. Huh, so I'm a Taurus now.

Well, at least I'll have an explanation for my unfortunate actions in the china shop later today. Still a Sagittarius, only now, on the cusp of Ophiuchus. And while there haven't been any personality traits drawn up for that sign yet, the story behind it is at least encouraging. Apparently Capricorn is very pessimistic and fatalistic which I am and Sagittarius is optimistic and freedom-loving which I'd like to be so I see this as a good chance to try and change my whole life based on some hooey I read on the internet. Metafilter: try and change my whole life based on some hooey I read on the internet.

While I was once a modest, shy, perfectionist conservative, I am now generous, warm-hearted, faithful and loving! Well now my scorpion tattoo makes no fucking sense. I'm kind of biased, but Ophiuchus is a pretty bad ass sounding Zodiac sign. Simple spreadsheet calendars, side by side, to more easily see the shift. I have a story about coming to learn I wasn't a Sag anymore.

Being the rational, skeptical type, I don't believe the constellations actually affect human behavior; but I also think it's fun and mostly harmless. So one Sunday several years ago I come home from the flea market with what I think of as a cute little print of Donald Duck and his nephews on a boat, with a sea serpent chasing them. Perfect for the bathroom, the one that guests use.

But it occurs to me that the giant scaly fanged monster might be too scary for our friend's little kids, and having a outdoor hot tub, you really want a kid-friendly bathroom they use early and often. Then I think about what's on my walls, and suddenly I noticed I own, almost exclusively, art with images of a snake, or a serpent, and it's always confronting, startling or somehow in opposition to a man, or a couple or okay, some cartoon ducks.

This top image is what I had hanging over my bed, for example. I have no particular interest in live snakes, I just love their form and pattern, and something about what they represent to me--temptation, forbidden knowledge, sensuality, power? I dunno.

Winter Solstice Blessings to All - New York Spirit

I never really deliberately thought about it. So, I've been subconsciously attracted to the image of snake vs. Soon after this I'm bored and noodling around on the internet, and I finally look up this Sidereal Astrology 13th sign thing I've heard about a few times. Turns out Dec 13th makes me an Ophiuchus, the constellation of a man wrestling a huge snake. Make of that what you will. Ditto this, for reals. Battklestar Galactica now makes even less sense.

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Isn't it ophius? Well played. He's an exceedingly smart guy and has been trying for years to get a planetarium built on top of the new library. The old one was phenomenal and when they tore down the Minneapolis Public Library the city decided not to include a planetarium in the rebuild.

Switch me to freaking Pisces?! Former Ariesians unite to destroy this abomination! To arms! Let blood rain from the skies! I refuse to be a Virgo. I'm a Scorpio, and also a Monkey thank you, China, and that's the best combination of all. The Babylonians can suck it.

Lucky color

Also, hate to say this, but isn't the MBTI stuff at least a little better because it's descriptive rather than prescriptive? Yeah, I'll always be a Scorpio. You just can't take this kind of sexiness away. And here I thought my sometimes temperate, sometimes out of Sagittarian character was due to me being a Chinese Snake type.

Ophiucus - I can't wait for the next person to ask me what my sign is. Ophiuchus should be basic information to anyone who has taken an astronomy class posted by Senator Howell Tankerbell at PM on January 13, This is ancient, truly ancient, news. Like, Age of Aquarius vintage.

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Schmidt added Cetus as well as Ophiuchus. Cetus is debatable, but if you consider constellations touched by the Moon and various planets, which creates a band just above and below the ecliptic, you hit Cetus too. So all these years my horoscope has been meaningless? So my scorpio personality was just mental illness all this time?!

Never, ever, have any traits of my previous sign - Aquarius - made sense to me making it a no-brainer that astrology is complete bunk. And now it's still bunk but I feel better as a Capricorn. Interesting the number of Scorpios who are annoyed by the reassignment. I'm not accepting it - being born in Scorpio is one of the few vaguely thrilling things about me.

I'm also a Dragon. Tremble, baby, tremble. Whenever anybody has asked me what my sign is, I've always replied, "I'm a Cancer. We don't believe in that shit. I thought that too, Grangousier, but Scorpio got cut down to just seven days, so there is more potential grar from the segment. From Scorpio to Virgo? Fuck this right in the ear. I'm staying old school. I'm going to cling to my mythological Aquarian quirkiness. That or I'll stick with my awesome Chinese sign, the tiger.

Chinese years are still the same as ever, right? Damn straight, Go Banana! At least I've still got "Monkey" to cling to. BTW, the Sidereal Zodiac dates according to Wikipedia overlap a hell of a lot more than this guy's version, so for instance Scorpio, like Virgo, is a month and a half, with Saggitarius being almost entirely within the same timeline. I'd really love to see a conference where this was hotly debated.

And then I'd like to seal off the attendees from the rest of humanity. Over comments, and nobody has bothered to do this? Recasting the first line of The Shining under these new astrological terms: Ophiuchus little prick. A passenger cabin full of Opiuchus? Time for starsign-related songs that are now totally out of date!

Well, this one's pretty dated, at least. Oh, there's really only the one that counts. Out of date? I think not! Not a Taurus anymore? No bull. Apparently, "real" Astrologers facebook are just sick to death of this news - they long ago abandoned the piddly implications of inverse squares law of gravity at interstellar scale and just focus on solar matters: Every year or so, another astronomer erupts into the mainstream media with a portentous announcement about how the astrological signs aren't aligned with the actual constellations.

Often the supposed 13th sign, Ophiuchus, is also invoked as a further proof of how delusional astrologers are. What it means, according to the astronomers, is that astrology is invalid. Most of the people who think they're Tauruses are actually Aries. Most Scorpios are really Libras. And so on. That latest misguided authority is Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society.

January 13 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

I understand that scientists like him don't like to lower themselves to the task of actually doing research about how astrology works. But if they're going to snidely cast aspersion against it, they should at least learn it well enough to know what they're talking about. Here, briefly, is the lowdown on what certain astronomers are too lazy to find out for themselves. Thousands of years ago, when astrological and astronomical thinking were based on insufficient data, the names of the constellations happened to be paired with the astrological signs.

Today, those pairings are no longer in sync: Due to the precession the equinoxes, astrological signs do not line up with the constellations in the same way they did way back then. But that 's irrelevant to the majority of modern Western astrologers. In our work, the astrological signs are not defined by, nor do they have anything to do with, the stars or constellations.

We're completely focused on what happens in our own solar system. Our relevant data are the movements of the planets within a zone defined by the relationship between the Earth and Sun. The key demarcation points in that relationship are the equinoxes and solstices.

At the Northern Hemisphere's vernal equinox, which occurs on about March 20th of each year, the Sun enters into the sign of Aries. At the Northern Hemisphere's summer solstice, the sun enters into the sign of Cancer.

Love and Compatibility for January 13 Zodiac

The locations of the constellations are irrelevant; the "influence of the stars" isn't considered at all. When Parke Kunkle triumphantly says, "There is no physical connection between constellations and personality traits," as if he has finally stamped out the delusions of us astrologers, he doesn't realize that we agree with him completely. Interesting note from the RationalWiki link above regarding exactly what effect, say, Mars might have: As distance increases, gravitational pull decreases very dramatically; something that moves to twice as far away exerts a quarter of the gravitational pull, something three times further away exerts a ninth of the gravitational pull.

Newton's law of gravitation can be used to show that, at its closest approach to Earth, the planet Mars exerts approximately the same gravitational force on a person as a 50 ton fully-loaded big rig placed 15 yards from that same person. Since we're here, and somebody has to make up the stereotype for our new Zodiac sign, why not us? I've got a few ideas of where to go with this. Take obvious traits associated with snakes and spin them into generalized positives or not-so-bad weaknesses Ophiuchi may be quiet and reserved, but their outward reticence masks a deep pensiveness and knack for patient planning.

When an Ophiuchus speaks up, however, watch out! Their words can either be charming and diplomatic sometimes to the point of duplicity or else strike to the bone. While some may come across initially as "cold-blooded," in reality they mostly just need the warmth and support of those around them in order to thrive, making this a highly social sign, even if they aren't always at the center of the action.

Just take a bunch of different adjectives and slam them together as long as they don't directly contradict one another. A truly selfless sign, Ophiuchi are highly thrifty when spending for themselves, and yet quite generous to those around them. Warm hearted and loyal, they can still be easily led to resentment over petty indignities.

Creative energies abound within this sign, though they are best utilized in groups, as Ophiuchi tend to get frustrated and distracted when working alone. Ophiuchi are also open to new ideas and ways of thinking, but will want to know everything they can before changing their minds. This is more of a long game here, but is designed to send any potential mates who actually buy into Astrology running for the hills. Materialistic and rational to a fault, the Ophiuchus will tend to get explosively violent when confronted with anything imaginative or outside of his realm of understanding, especially if it involves children.

He will generally only bother to clean himself for a first date, the better to present a false version of himself which he mistakenly thinks will impress others. Depending on the success of this tactic, the Ophiuchus may well be carrying one or more communicable diseases.

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Unemployable in the commonly accepted sense of the word, when the Ophiuchus does manage to come into money, it will usually be blown over the weekend on drugs, booze and deviant pornography. Prone to public urination. Everybody hates Cancers. But I'm still a monkey , right? You can't take that away from me Has the Zodiac killer been informed? I suspect this might interest him.

I don't have his phone number or email so will leave it to another mefite. Sidereal Astrology has always made these adjustments. Western astrology has not. But I'm still a monkey, right? Does anyone else pronounce the new symbol as "O Fuck Us"? If so, the name is unfortunately ironic. What an Ophiuchus thing to say.

This just made me more of a Virgo. I like being a Virgo, because my sign is an attractive lady with wheat. What is with the Virgo hate? I used to in my younger days know so many that we would have an annual Virgo Bacchanalia. This chart makes me more Virgo than ever.

Virgos are awesome! You are totally invited to next year's festivities. You might change your mind. I'm even more a Taurus, by this calculation, which is fun. But my best astrology bit Which, fine, whatever. But one day I'm bored in a bookstore and flipping through an actual book about the Chinese zodiac and it's talking about the elemental component. So I look up my birth year there.

The zodiac doesn't appear to specify which metal, it just says "metal. Oh go organize shirts according to size, color, and cuffs. Virgos sheesh. Now now, if my history serves me correctly Virgos definitely had their place in any respectable bacchanalia. I'll be in the corner with all the other attractive, heavy-drinking Libras and we're all talking about you.

Except no you won't because you're a Virgo now. I was always a Cancer, but I'm using this excuse to switch to Team Gemini. It looks like being more fun. As a comparison, I believe the force of gravity exerted by the earth on that baby is about And that's the closest planet at its closest point. Every other planet or Mars at any other time would be way, way less.

Well, I'm convinced! So what, I'm in Slytherin now? I'd better practice my lurking and evil stare. Jeff Bridges with whom I share a birthday, begrudgingly, although to be fair, he had it first and I are now Ophiuchusses! We have finally cast off the archery centaurian shackles of Sagittarius for the sinuous freedom of Serpentarius which is what we Ophiuchans prefer to be called, thank you, although it sounds even more made-up.

Yeah, I'm pretty psyched by this Cancer-to-Gemini thing, too. Apparently, I get to ditch all the nurturing and loyalty and shit and be a witty, mercurial asshole. I plan to stock up on seersucker, switch from scotch to gin, and take up a new life as a boulevardier. I have an opening for anybody who wants to follow me around and jot down my aphorisms.

Now as i understand it, they are saying the earths wobbling, and will wobble back How can I be both Aries and Taurus? I sense a BPD coming on Of course it's all complete bullhocky, but when I read about this yesterday, and I saw that I wasn't a Virgo anymore but a Leo, I got! Then, because the site I saw linked to the day's horoscope, I looked up Leo. Its first line said, "Try not to worry over nothing. An assertion in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article that our understanding of the zodiac is off by about a month -- and that therefore people have been identifying themselves with the wrong sign -- caught fire on the internet Thursday, and many folks are in an absolute panic on social media.

Sorry, left out the title of the above linked article: "No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed. Nope, sticking with tempestuous, lusty Scorpio. I won't be a Libra, you can't make me. Apparently, Libras are all "oooh, I care about your needs Come to think of it, I think maybe I'm a Cat. I joked about astrology in terms of my future children before I got pregnant. Oh, I'd be fine with anything but a Pisces. And then, I got knocked up. And due right in the middle of Pisces. Fine, I said. Anything but a Pisces BOY.

January 13 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

I've had some epically bad personality clashes there. And lo, Pisces boy. And with this 13 sign arrangement? Just goes to show, astrology will find a way to personally fuck with me. Ha, okay, I don't really believe in Astrology, but purely for the amusement value, I looked up a sidereal horoscope, for my new sign, which is Aquarius. Here it is: Aquarius - Clear out those closets. Tie up those loose ends. You don't want anything holding you back this spring when it is time for something new. For now, don't spend too much, make adjustments as they are called for and lift your spirits with noble pursuits.

Considering I have just started packing up my belongings for a spring move to a new home, and I've also been debating a costs vs. Being the skeptical type, I fired up Stellarium Thanks, mahershalal! Srsly, though, Astrology-as-proto-Astronomy deserves enormous respect; I envy the ancients trying to make sense of the planets wandering around the ecliptic.

All due respect to the charming and venerable Bill Nye, but one aspect of his video was not only misleading but egregiously wrong: It depicted the zodiac constellations standing still with respect to the rising Sun. He should have placed the constellations along the ecliptic i. If you're gonna dis Astrology, you better come correct with your Astronomy. That was my cusp forever. I got knocked off.