Horoscope for leo november 24 2019

You may hit a low where you think there are a bazillion different things working against you and keeping you from getting what you want. But you just have to move through this. But be careful here. You deserve to be completely comfortable. This disrupts your love life and the goodness you typically attract. But this quieting of your emotions can actually serve you well.

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Just be careful about what you say during this time. Your behavior will leave you questioning who you are, and the Saturn and Mercury conjunction makes this an even riskier time for expression. Winter makes most people want to hibernate, but you want to get things moving. This is the time for exploration.

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You can learn what you want over time and through exploring. But do be careful and take the time to make sure you are making choices that make sense for you. The mental chatter may feel all consuming, but if you take a few deep breaths, you can keep yourself from falling down the rabbit hole. Your intellectualism and analytical skills are heightened, and you see life more clearly. The moon and Mars are both aligned to help you if you let them. This means that you can experience a tremendous amount of emotional fulfillment and sexual excitement this weekend, but again, you have to do some work to get here.

You have to keep the neuroses from being all consuming. And you may prefer to simply hunker down, give thanks for all of those who are around you, and worry about love next week. It makes people insecure and greedy, and it makes them pick fights. The moon trines Mars in your sign.

This bodes very well for trusting yourself, having fulfilling sex, and making things happen. But beware.

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People want to feel. People want to do things and feel fully alive. So be gentle with your analysis. Embrace your sensitivity and desire for harmony, and all will go well. Be you. Venus trines Chiron and sextiles Pluto. You are being asked to face the deepest truths about how affection is given and received in your life.

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To take any pain from your past and transform it into power. How does your past affect your current circumstances? How do you act from fear and anger versus strength and love? How can you honor your fears and your anger while still opening yourself to the deep, unconditional love that you deserve? You are learning all of this now. You are feeling incredibly empowered, but the process is a cycle.

On Saturday, the hurt takes over, but remember, there is strength in vulnerability. There is strength in feeling your pain. You know this, and any lover worthy of you will know this too. Saturn conjuncts Mercury, making you second-guess everything.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

But it also sextiles the moon and Mars and trines Uranus. This means that you have the power to gain incredible clarity right now and to feel strong and independent. But you have to work for this more than usual. If you sit back and do nothing about the thoughts and feelings running through you, then your weekend is likely to be fairly unpleasant, especially since the moon squares the Sagittarius sun.

But if y0u work to connect with your feelings and to honor them with every choice you make, then this weekend has the potential to be highly satisfying. Slow down. Then you can expect to enjoy some fun and excitement, especially sexually. Sex triggers an old wound that you are meant to heal. We thought we had overcome all the problems, but now we have hit a new hitch.

The moon enters Leo today.

The solar radiation our astronauts will encounter is much more intense and dangerous than we thought, so now we have to go back to the drawing board and work out much better defences. Nobody said it would be easy! Horoscope in Tamil Horoscope in Bengali. At last, an expansion of choice is creating the need for more discussion, and you may be doing some hard thinking today. A recent muddle must be ironed out before you can afford to relax, but that might take another couple of weeks, at the minimum.

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  • The Moon offers you a significant level of emotional support today. This is a time to concentrate on what you can do to make your life more meaningful, to find ways to make your daily routine more tolerable. A business opportunity will also be revealed.

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    It does seem almost inevitable that one way or another you will have to concede that someone else may have been right all along, galling as this may be. In any event, your planetary patterns will quickly restore your good humour, encouraging a new-found confidence. Time for a romantic adventure, perhaps? There is only one major planetary alignment which need concern you at the moment, and that involves Mars and Mercury. These planets are perfectly poised to administer a social tonic and give your morale a general boost, just what you need at the moment.