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In fact, astrology is not recognized as a science. Many even make major life decisions based on astrological predictions, including in their careers.

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For Nicholas Farmen, a year-old Denver resident who works in the marketing department of a software company, astrology was a normal part of his upbringing. Then the horoscopes became a thing for me and my family to read once in a while.

Finding Your Career Using Your Astrology Chart

Previously, Farmen did marketing for a real estate development company. After quitting his job, he went downtown to have some coffee.

Astrological Sun Signs and Careers

They had a job opening and, a few months later, reached out to Farmen and offered it to him. Farmen said, to him, astrology offers a final confirmation when weighing a choice.

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Amira Irfan, a year-old lawyer, also became introduced to astrology thanks to her family. One of the most notable predictions occurred when she was living in New Jersey and was unhappy in her job. She had no intention of making a move but then spoke with her aunt, who is an astrologer and advised that a big change was coming and she should look for jobs in Florida. I ended up applying.

Australian astrologist reveals the perfect career for each zodiac sign | Daily Mail Online

Within a month, I got a really terrific opportunity, and I moved to Florida. Irfan strongly considers astrology to be an accurate predictor of the future. As a teenager, Joanne Madeline Moore had a career as an actress in Australia, appearing on television shows, in films and in theater productions.

Since every sign has specific personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, it's important to take that into account when considering your next move.

Best Career for Taurus

We've made it a bit easier by narrowing down the top career paths based on every zodiac sign so that you have a place to start. View On One Page.

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    Career Astrology and Job Suggestions by Sign

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